Whimsical Tame Animal Totem Characters

Silly Domesticated Animal Totems

dogtotemtame1200In this section are made up and whimsical domesticated creatures to print out to create unique and personalized totem poles.

Magical animal creatures can transform themselves into human form or appear as any other creature, such as a human wearing a bearskin cloak or wolf skin. Some of these magical beings can travel between realms to visit or create havoc in other realms. Many earth realm animal creatures prefer to live in human form. It is believed these creatures behave as though they are actual people who love, marry, have children and basically become part of the human community. We mere mortals can never see the past the ruse, however, and can only see these creatures as they really are, ordinary bears, wolves etc.

Each group of animal in the earth realm has its own special quirk: wolves are considered to be great drummers, Beavers hate humans and are always playing mean tricks, and frogs often befriend certain Underwater realm creatures.

The animals in this section are not authentic, just for fun. Mythological meanings are commonly attributed to the birds, fish, animals, people and other mythological creatures used in Western tribal arts. Meanings may differ between tribes.

Domesticated Totem Pole Animal Images


Use these images of common domesticated world animals to create your own unique mythology for your personalized totem pole. Print and color these pages to create your own unique totem poles.