kwakiutl pole thunderbird bear mantotempole Find Your Funny Totem Pole Name

Here's a fun activity for kids! Make funny names for your paper craft totem pole characters.

Example:  The Sandy Smith's birthday is in May.  Her funny totem name is: Shy Weasel The Inquisitive Raven

Print version.

Use your first initial to find your new FIRST name:


A. White Dog B. Half Skunk C. Clumsy Spider D. Bending Tree
E. Crazy Stone F. Loud Finger G. Young Moose H. Laughing Tail
I. Fast Elk J. Happy Hands K. Tiny Snow L. Falling Possum
M. Creek on Bones N. Muddy Hands O. White Hawk P. Waiting Knee
Q. Creeping River R. Ailing Rock S. Shy Weasel T. Sky that Hisses
U. Large Bull V. Silver Weasel W. Green Bison X. White Bird
Y. Yellow Mountain Z. Broken Wolf

Use your birth month to find your new MIDDLE name:


Jan. The Terrible Feb. The Terrific Mar. The Wanderer Apr. The Intelligent
May. The Inquisitive Jun. The Comedian Jul. The Curious Aug. The Player
Sep. The Eager Beaver Oct. The Clownish Nov. The Chatterbox Dec. The Bumbler

Use the first initial of your last name

to find your new LAST name:


A. Grizzly Bear B. Beaver C. Wolf D. Coyote
E. Deer F. Dolphin G. Dove H. Eagle
I. Frog J. Turtle K. Hawk L. Horse
M. Hummingbird N. Mountain goat O. Mouse P. Orca
Q. Otter R. Owl S. Raven T. Salmon
U. Shark or Dogfish V. Spider W. Squirrel X. Swan
Y. Thunderbird Z. Toad