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Water Realm Creature Color Book Totem Pole Images

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Underwater World Rulers

devil fish octopus totem1200Underwater realm characters include fish, octopi, air-breathing sea turtles, dolphins and whales. In this section are a mixture of creatures that actually appear on authentic totem poles and whimsical creatures just for fun.

Killer Whales are considered to be monsters and rulers of their own underwater city. Orca, Killer Whales, or Blackfish, share the underwater realm with such royal creatures as Copper Woman and Komogwa, the underwater sea king. Whales have the ability to shed their skin and transform into Sea Wolves so they can hunt on land in killer-packs.

Whales are mortal enemies of the Thunderbirds because Thunderbirds can scoop whales out of the water to feed people on land. Thunderbirds are benevolent supernatural beings and considered to be the source of the thunder.

Evidence of an earthquake that struck the American Pacific Northwest in 1700 suggests that the Thunderbird and Whale mythology describes this event. The Thunderbird myth could be partly based upon encounters by people of a prehistoric bird called Aiornis which fed on stranded whale carcasses.

Octopus, or Devilfish are feared because these deadly devil fish would grab fishermen and hunters and drown hold them underwater until they drowned.

Totem Pole Water Creatures

Totem pole tell stories about life in Pacific Northwest clans and families. Next family reunion bring up discussions about Family History and create your own unique family tree totem.

Children can trace the totem pole patterns onto multicolored foam sheets or colorful felt cloth to create soft totems and ethnic theme masks. Apply these patterns to glass etching techniques or creatively sponge paint stenciling designs to trim your walls or ceramics or decorate wooden furniture. Create treasured gifts and family heirlooms to hand down to future generations with needlework and embroidery on pillows or tapestry.

Make beautiful eye-catching stunning and colorful sun catchers for the windows. Pre-color the images to print onto window decal, magnet sheets and iron-on transfer "paper" available at any office supply store. Children enjoy decorating with easily removable and transparent window decals. Make totem character magnet tokens that children can collect, trade or share.