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Questions for Discussions and Table Topics

Refer to the pull-down menu for quick access to my table topics.

Toastmaster clubs use Table Topics as exercises to help members improve:

  • Communication skills in impromptu settings
  • Learn how to quickly organize and express thoughts
  • Convey messages within a specific time frame - 1 to 2 1/2 minutes max.
  • Become more at ease answering on-the-spot variety of open ended questions

My Table Topics and Helpful Tips for Speech Topics

Of all the activities in Toastmasters I love the Table Topics portion the best. Ever since I was introduced to Table Topics it's almost been an obsession to think up quirky and unusual questions.  Table Topics is a lot of fun because there's no forcasting which direction a person will go in answering or discussing the question provided.

In the pull-down menu above are some Table Topic questions I've worked up to challenge myself and fellow toastmasters.

Feel free to use and share with your own clubs.

Updated frequently - stay in touch! :-)