Tropical Scenic Backgrounds and Fillers

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Buildings, Houses Color Themes


If you would build a building which sort of building would you build?

Dog house
Apartment Complex
Bird House
Sky Scraper
Gingerbread House

Consider what purpose the structure will fulfill.  Think of a castle.  What would fill such a building? Kings and queens, of course, plus all sorts of rank and staff, wait persons, butlers, cooks and guards, however if the castle is a building meant for a fish bowl...where would the fish put all those people?

Dogs may live in people houses but most people would not be happy living in dog houses. 
The tall skyscraper buildings in big cities can be business offices, parking lots along with apartments, hotels and condominiums where people live.
Barns are out-buildings on country farms or large acreage.  Some barns contain livestock, other contain hay bales or farm equipment.   Outdoor structures such as garages and sheds protect hold just about anything that must or can be stored outdoors from rain, snow and other inclement weather.