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Trouble Logging On?

When you register your paid membership through PayPal, a receipt is sent to your email account along with a link to log in and activate account. (Check your SPAM folder!)

IMPORTANT: registration without payment will establish a logon for your account but no access to any large images until payment is received.

Existing, Past members & Subscribers:

  • Log in through the small log on box on the left-hand side of your screen (the one with the green button).

New subscribers:

  • please select the "Subscribe" link in the Log On box.

If you don't receive the confirmation notice:

Sometimes security system Admins will block confirmation emails. This is common with educational agencies, some government agencies and other companies.

Check with your security admins if you do not receive the confirmation, or try a different or personal email.

If confirmation email doesn't arrive, check your SPAM folder.

Please don't hesitate to contact/email pkelley @ gmail (dot) com Scissorcraft if you cannot complete your logon.

I can help.

I generally hover at or near the computer for most of my waking day.

Contact me by email and I should answer personally within an hour or two of receipt...(not guaranteeing of course, but definitely within 24 hours.)

Special requests for images/themes are welcome. All new images may be included in scissorcraft for other members to enjoy.