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living lasagne1200Anyone with a family knows how important casseroles (hotdishes) and pastas and other concoctions are to the household food budget. Casseroles are popular contributions to potluck and office parties where food must be pre-prepared.

Main Dishes and Supper Recipes

A casserole is a one dish meal where ingredients are mixed together to be (usually) baked in an oven. Tuna casserole is an example of a popular dish made with canned tuna, pasta and cream of mushroom or celery soup. I like to add cheese and crumbled bits of salty potato chips to the top of my tuna casserole. I was lucky to have a Mom with great taste buds and a love for cooking. That's how Mom made it and probably the reason I love it made that way.

Macaroni and Cheese, Lasagna, rice dishes and pasta salads are all different types of casseroles. I wonder ... is pizza technically a casserole?