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Beanie Cap Kids Craft and Hobby Projects

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bug eyed beanie1200Propeller Beanie Hat and Stocking Cap

Stocking caps are usually knitted head coverings intended to be worn during inclement weather to protect a person's head and ears from thee cold.  Beanies are like baseball caps with without the brims.  Men's hats and caps come in all styles including fedoras, berets, ball caps to cowboy hats and bowler hats. Most hats serve a purpose related to the occupation in some way, whether the purpose is functionary such as with the hard hat to protect the head from falling objects or wide-brimmed sombrero hat of Mexico and the Philippines which provides much needed shade from the hot sun. A king's crown serves to identify the wearer as powerful and in charge.

Make a Christmas "hat tree" with ornaments printed and decorated with bright holiday colors. Trace the patterns onto foam sheets or use as patterns to make cloth ornaments.

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Beanies and Pull Over Caps