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Wild African Beasts

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african animal medley1200Wild African Creatures

Teach about influences animals have in the formation of human cultures and traditions. As humankind encroaches more and more into the wild kingdom sphere, wildlife retreats further and natural habitats shrink. Coloring book wild and domesticated Images for historic and cultural events concerning animals indigenous to the African continent. Let the children help decorate for the holiday with these educational animal color book ornament craft printable images.

From ferocious crocodiles to elephants, giraffes and hippopotamus in a bath tub, these wild animal images provide fun educational activities for children.  I've turned many of these images into printable back ground pages for gift wrap or PC desktops.  Make a paper mache' African Mask and wrap it in custom paper kinte "cloth" woven gift wrap for a unique gift-giving experience for Kwaanza or black history month celebrations.