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Chickens are the most common and widespread of domestic animals.  Chickens are valuable to humans for their meat, eggs and feathers. Adult chickens have combs, or cockscomb, and wattles which are flaps of skin that hangs on either side under their beaks.  The combs and wattles on female or hens are smaller than the roosters.  Young males and females are differentiated by development of spurs on the male's legs and sometimes by coloring. Domestic chickens are not capable flying long distances but can fly for short sprints to flee danger from predators, threatening situations or to hop fences or fly up to tree branches. Depending upon where you live in the world, chickens are referred to as:

  • cocks
  • cockerels
  • capons
  • pullets
  • chicks
  • yardbirds

Chickens are omnivores. Naturally raised or wild chickens scratch at the ground in search of seeds and insects primarily and will also consume lizards, small snakes or young mice when the opportunity strikes.