Horses, Ponies & Unicorns Theme Gift Wrap

Horses, Ponies & Unicorns

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Horses are large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous quadrupeds. The scientific term is "Equus caballus". Horses have been domesticated since the dawn of times, back in prehistoric times. here are many variety or breeds of horses. Some are used for carrying or pulling loads, others are prized for riding, or racing.

My best memories are not with the live variety. I used to love it when my parents would take us to the park where we could climb aboard the carousel merry-go-round. My favorite flying horse was the black bucking bronco, which I considered a coveted prize to be won since it was also the favorite steed of choice of many other children. This was probably due to the popularity of the book and subsequent movie, Black Beauty, which was produced around that time.

Print-it-yourself wallpaper or gift-wrap horses and carousel horse theme paper gift wrap for small personalized and unique gifts that can be easily covered by letter or legal sized paper.

Most of the horses and carousel horse images in this section are all available as printable paper coloring book crafts for children, hobby crafters and personal art projects in ScissorCraft.

Carousel Horses Gift Wrap