Exciting News

frog amphibian  sitting on lily pad


Our new mobile Scissorcrafts library is nearing completion.

New library, filled with fantastic image displays here,

  • Easy to navigate!
  • Searchable!
  • Enhanced image quality!
  • Large size image format!
  • New and Vastly improved images

peacock displayEarly Bird $1 special

Because Covid 19 crisis has negatively impacted us and so many other families, since our dust is not quite yet settled with this re-design, please accept a full year membership (regularly $15.00) for a small token of $1.00.

Note: When the crisis is lifted, prices will return to the regular $15.00 yearly subscription rates. Everyone with a current Scissorcrafts subscription will be added to this new membership site ASAP. If you want access now or faster, send an email pkelley9 @ gmail.com



Pot Luck Sign Up

Potluck and Picnic Sign Up Sheet

potluck sign up sheetI was recently put in charge of hosting a party for my Toastmaster group which prompted me to work up this sign up sheet for potlucks. No more guesswork about who will bring what food and how many mouths to feed at the office party picnic.

This form takes out all the guesswork for potluck party planning.

Form allows for Date, Time, Place and Contact name and telephone as well as a place to write in the number of guests invitees. Form allows space for invitees to enter what foods they will bring for specific categories of dishes so everyone will know who brings what. No more all dessert party with cookies and chips! Utensils? This form has everything covered to ensure no shortage of plates, dinnerware etc.


Forms will appear after member log in. A subscription to support Scissorcraft is only $15.00 and never expires.

Also available in editable "word" .odt version upon request.