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passion smart 2016

The Smart Car - a Mighty Midget

pdf version

We purchased our Smart cars in 2016 and they're the best thing ever. Mine was my first new car BTW. Our neighbors get a chuckle when they walk by the house and see these two Passion Smarts parked side by side like a couple of lovebirds.

The Midget SMART Car

  • No, it's a Smart Car who prefers “little car” to midget, thank you.
  • In traffic we look like a big car laid an egg.
  • You don't get into a Smart car, you put it on.
  • We bought two Smart cars
    • now we take both cars for Costco trips and it's déjà vu for everyone

Benefits of a Smart Car:

  1. Great gas mileage
  2. Nobody ever asks for a ride - hitch hikers signal “keep going”
  3. I can show off to a crowd. Take a left u-turn to left lane in the opposite direction.
  4. The only vehicle you can wash in a laundromat.
  5. When we're at home we use them as bookends.
  6. If I'm caught by radar, I hide behind a telephone pole and wait till the coast is clear.
  • Next versions of Smart cars will be all electric.
    • I hear they'll come in a 6-pack.
  • My little Smarty is half the size of the old Buick.
    • My new motto is: Half-car will Travel

Word of Warningjumping for joy clown1200

Check your office and personal calendars before you buy.

I was two months shy of Skillbuilders "Dress Like a Clown Day" and suddenly it's just me between a clown suit and a Smart car.

  • ...A devil's triangle.

It stings to this day...