Animal Kingdom Color Book

Animal Kingdom: Insects, Birds Lions, Tigers and Bears

Welcome to Scissorcrafts menagerie color book farm animals, zoo creatures and wild wooly beasts of the hills and plains.  These color book animals and fishes of the sea include imaginary spirit world dragons and griffins and other serpent monsters.   Decorate for the holiday family seasons these educational animal color book ornament craft printable images. Decorate your classroom, bedroom, party house, holiday tree, office cubicle and window panes with pretty paper hanging ornaments.


Animals Lions Tigers and Bears Images

Whether there's a need somewhere by someone who wishes to color a hippo in a bath tub or a grumpy pig being flirted with by a sweet and loving pig, or a gorilla eating a cookie...who can say...but there you are. Enjoy.

Make good memories with the children and grandchildren making foam decorations for the holidays with these fun images.   Print precolored versions onto magnet sheets or iron-on transfer paper and window decal material.  Make bracelet and necklace charms with shrink art.  Wrap gifts with matching  gift wrap for unique gift giving.

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